Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just end of life planning but, can be done at any stage of life

Our goal is to educate our clients regarding estate planning. This includes, but is not limited to, preparation of his/her last will and testament, a living will, setting up trust for family members or charitable organizations, overall estate planning and the probate process 

We then help them structure an Estate Planning Package which will ease the burden of the surviving family members, help prevent paying a higher rate of estate tax, and ensure that their assets are distributed and protected according to their wishes 

We use the client's current accountant, banker and investment planner information in aiding to arrange an estate plan which is customized for them. Call us at 318-322-7397 to make an appointment today. You can also click the button to utilize our contact form

Areas of Estate Planning

Last Will and Testament

Living Wills

Testamentary Trusts


Power of Attorney

Heath Care Directives and Guardianships

Estate Administration and Representation