We efficiently and effectively collect debt owed to you

Tired of wasted hours attempting to collect debt with less than satisfactory results? We utilize the local, state and federal court systems to collect money which is owed you from nonpayment by your customers, patients, lessee's and/or clients. This firm has over 30 years of experience in this field and is uniquely geared to handle any type of collection matter. We ask that you allow our firm to help your
company in collecting your past due accounts.

If you are currently handling your own collections or using a collection agency, let us explain to you how we may be able to service your accounts more efficiently. Simply give us a call at 318-322-7397 to make an appointment. You can also click the button below to utilize our contact form.

Areas of Collection

Promissory Notes

Rental Contracts
Open Accounts for Services Rendered and Products Provided
Foreclosure Proceedings
Contracts Of All Varieties 
Protection of Creditor's Rights in Bankruptcy
Any Type of Debt Owed